As one of Saskatchewan's leading physiotherapists in women's sport performance, Still Physio is redefining female sport one athlete at a time.

I support both male & female athletes as well as fellow healthcare providers by providing an upleveled approach to physical movement offering each client the elite experience.

Here's to your best & boldest year yet

Welcome to Still Physio. I'm Kim, your think-outside-the-box physiotherapist focusing on sport performance and the everyday athlete. My passion for sport performance is what drives me to find efficiency and success for each client, allowing them to meet their goals and feel their absolute best. My expertise and advocacy has me working with beginner to elite athletes helping them become long-lasting, sustainable Well Athletes. Although I have a special niche within the community focusing on the the pelvic floor and the female athlete, I work with both male and female clients helping them get back on track.  

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SPEAKER | Physiotherapist | NATIONAL Strength & Conditioning Coach | Pelvic Health Therapist | Visceral Therapist | EDUCATOR

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You want to be able to move with ease and stick to your everyday athlete plan, but what's the plan when your body fights along the way? 

I'm an everyday athlete too, and I'm here to help you move well, and keep you moving forward.

You're an everyday athlete. 

You may not call yourself a high-performing athlete. You may not have set any spectacular world records, but you love to move, and you love when your body can do the things you challenge it to do.

It feels incredible when your body can do hard things,  but it's frustrating when your body says no and gets in the way.

Technical and training education for professionals who want to offer their clients the Elite Experience. This is for strength & conditioning coaches, chiropractors, physiotherapists, physicians, massage therapists, or other healthcare providers who want to find out the why's, think outside the box, and connect the dots to better support their client's progression. 

the elite experience

Events, Courses & Content for the Well Athlete.
Learn my tried and true techniques to help you stay in the game. Want to learn more about what I do while you're waiting to see me or cannot access my in person appointments? This is the perfect place to begin.

thE academy

the clinic

Supporting you and your body so that you can enjoy the activities you love to do. I work with athletes of all genders, experience levels, ages and sports on their movement journey.

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A Guided Online Course for Postpartum Core and Pelvic Floor Recovery

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