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hi, I'm Kim Fraser, owner of still physio.

My approach to physiotherapy begins with my own experience of an old injury resurfacing after having my second child in my 30’s. I had been a dancer for 20 years and then I became a runner.

I had athletic goals and wanted to remain active but my knee & back had other plans. I was fortunate to be treated as an athletic woman, however, I was not considered as a postpartum woman with an underlying back injury and a weak core. 

I have a unique and successful approach to how I treat and train the people I work with. 

When we work together, I see & treat you as whole person focusing on what drives you, what brings you joy and what will help you stay in the game.

I employ a variety of techniques in my practice that I also teach to health care providers looking to offer an elevated experience to their clients.  

These technique include: 

Integration of the ribcage and pelvis and how they interact to ensure ideal movement.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy in sport performance. 

trength coaching specific to the details of your sport.

Visceral Manipulation (organ mobility and movement) and its role on ribcage and pelvic mobility.

Driven by my own injury and seeing lack of progress with conventional treatment, I decided to seek out another way. 

"I make sure you're assessed and treated from all angles."

Work with me 1:1 or join me for an upleveled experience you can access anywhere.

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