When we strengthen our core and pelvic floor, we create a solid foundation to work off of. Our legs, glutes, and hamstrings need a strong and reliable base to create power and move with ease. Our upper arms and neck need a foundation of support when we reach forward or overhead. These 15 minute classes will get you there so you can feel confident playing with your kids, run that 5 km or 50 km ultra run, conquer that spin class or get out of your weight training plateau.

Redefine your Core in Sport

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Restoring your body postpartum is essential to your future strength and function, but we are often left with little to no information on how to recover and rebuild safely. It is normal to feel disconnected or unsure of your body's capabilities during this postpartum period, but with time, patience, and the appropriate exercises, you can regain your strength and trust your body again. This online course focuses on rebuilding your core and pelvic floor so you feel confident in how you move and feel again. 

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ONLINE Courses

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The training you didn't know you needed.