dance corrective training 

Sport Specific Strength training

Due to the rigorous dance schedule, competitions and exams, your body begins to build compensatory movement patterns that lead to injury stopping you from feeling your best or meeting your performance demands. Still Physio can help you find your centre, break down technique, improve your mobility and provide excellent body work to create the Well Dancer.

Have you hit a performance plateau, want to see performance gains or have an injury that is holding you back? Having a program specific to your needs and demands is the key to performance gains. Still Physio will assess and create a customized corrective program to ensure you understand the missing key to your performance so you can see progress. 

Whether you are an experienced runner or just starting out, having a certified strength and conditioning specialist and running-specific physiotherapist assess your training technique, running form, or movement patterns is an asset to your performance. From assessing data off your Garmin, overcoming an injury, building a customized training plan, or finding your best stride, Still Physio will take you through all the things you need to know to be a long-lasting sustainable runner. 

run assessments, treatment & Training 

Finding balance and symmetry within the pelvis is an essential component of functional and sport health. Whether you are experiencing chronic pelvic, hip, low back or mid back pain, have pain with sport, or have symptoms of incontinence, hormonal changes, sexual health or bladder/bowel concerns, pelvic floor physiotherapy can rebuild your confidence, change your training outcomes, and improve your quality of life.

pelvic health 

Still Physio provides physical therapy services for all types of injuries. Whether through manual therapy techniques, visceral/organ therapy, strength and conditioning, or acupuncture, a whole body assessment and treatment plan is implemented to find the root of your symptoms to help you move forward. 


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