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The Elite Experience will build your confidence as you manage athletic injuries and create that clientele niche you have always wanted.

Let's take your understanding of sport performance to the next level and lead a new generation of Well Athletes.

The Elite Experience is for strength & conditioning coaches, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, physicians, massage therapists, or other healthcare providers looking to understand sport performance, think outside the box, and connect the dots to better support high performance sport and the everyday athlete.

Anatomy and Essential Treatment Tools to Ensure Optimal Thoracic Rotation and Mobility to optimize strength and power in rotational sports.

The Pillars of Sustainable Sport and The Well Athlete: Finding Down Regulation to Achieve Performance in Sport

The Essentials of the Thoracic Spine and Rotational Sports

Pillars of Sustainable Sport & The Well Athlete

The Mindful RunneR
2 Class Bundle

Session One: All things Running: The in's and out's of program planning, planning a training year and Running Assessment and Technique. A beginners guide to Treating and Training Runners. 
Session Two: Hip, Core & Pelvic Floor in Running: Anatomy and Essential Treatment Tools Integrating the Hip, Deep Inner Core, Pelvic Floor and Lumbar Spine.

Session One: Fundamentals of the Deep Inner Core for Injury Prevention and Performance Progress
Session Two: Dysfunctional Patterns and Injuries Secondary to Deep Inner Core Impairments
Session Three: Assessment and Management of Core Recruitment in Sport and Movement

3 Class Bundle


I started The Elite Experience as a way to share what I've learned as a leading physiotherapist in women's pelvic health and sport performance . 

Join me for a series of live online webinars, education, and in-person events designed to help you uplevel your client experience and outcomes. 

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Lead a new generation of Well Athletes