Running in a summer race

Prepping for your summer races

Summer is just around the corner! I am so ready for even running surfaces, the leaves on the trees, and the warm sun on my face! I wanted to share a few running principles I consider when I work with runners.

1. Know the purpose of each run. When following a proper running plan designed to prepare you for a race, each run has an intention. Whether the goal is to improve your aerobic capacity with the long runs, or build your anaerobic capacity when you perform the “quality” speed or hill workouts, each run was created for a reason that will help you meet your running goal. Knowing the purpose of the run allows you to set your mindset, plant your flag and stay on course.

2. Recovery runs are as essential as the “sexy” runs. I often laugh when I hear the term “sexy runs”… When I run my “sexy” runs, I don’t think I look too sexy as I am breathing heavy, sweating and keeled over! What are “sexy” runs? These are the speed, interval, tempo, hill runs, etc. They are the runs that push us and drive us.

The recovery runs are often pushed aside, deleted, or completed with the perception as an annoying task. They are not sexy. Respect the recovery runs, its pace and its intention. We run our recovery runs after our quality pace runs and long training runs so we can RECOVER from those runs. These recovery runs help us move on from the heavy fast pace or hill runs so we can complete our mid to long run or long run with a full tank again.

So don’t dismiss those recovery runs or take them for granted. They are there to help you move forward with your training. The are medicine in a run format.

3. Be consistent with your training. This is always a big one. I always preach about being kind and taking rests when your tank is on empty. This is important and we need to respect the smoke signals telling us to slow down especially in this “do more” world. However, when we want to see running gains, being consistent is key.

4. You need to run slow to run fast. This is a tricky one for people. A lot of people think if they run fast, they will be fast. This is not the case. We need to train the right energy systems in order to build our running foundations. We need to run slow…often. I want to create long lasting runners with ideal energy and fuel needed to run successfully. I want to build runners into loyal, Ford Trucks from the farm that never break down. Once we have created the foundation, we can then layer in more running specific work (aka speed and hill work) that will only add bling to our Ford Trucks… the fancy mirrors and pretty seats.

5. Find your people that will support and encourage you. Training for a race is often a bumpy journey that can challenge us mentally and physically. Who are your “people” when you need that hug? Do you have a physio…wink…that helps you get through a sudden injury? Or maybe you need a trip to Brainsport to lift your spirits!

Ok! Those are just a few principles I think of when I am creating and educating running programs.

What is your dream race? Right now mine is The Rocky Mountain Race in Canmore. Let’s channel Field Of Dreams and Kevin Costner in my own quote version… “If you build it, it will come”. Oh gosh, no I didn’t.

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